Ca. 1790 Row House Mall

Oldest frame row houses in Kentucky.  The right end house built by John Machir, Senator 1796-1800 from Mason County.  
It has a rock basement with rock fireplace.  The "Jail Room" in the basement believed to have served as first jail in
Washington before the 1796 jail was built.  In 1986 purchased and restored by Phyllis Helphenstine.  Rents now as mall
shops,  ice cream shoppe and restaurant.  It has 10 rooms with 2 of those being kitchens, central heating and air-conditioning.
 The fully equipped ice cream shoppe also has a bakery case.  For more information call or fax: (606)-759-7423 or E-mail:  

The Hen House

                                                                                      Washington, Kentucky 

Now in 1790 Row

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