Hall’s Autumn Leaf Produced for Jewel Tea



Hall China Company started in East Liverpool, Ohio, in 1903.  The firm made many types of wares.  Collectors search for the Hall teapots made from the 1920s to the 1950s.  The dinnerwares of the same period, especially Autumn leaf pattern, are also popular. 


The Autumn Leaf decal first appeared in 1933 with the introduction of a large 9” mixing bowl.  by Christmas that year, two smaller size bowls were added to complete the 3-piece set.  These remained in the line until Autumn Leaf was discontinued in 1976, a number of items reappeard briefly in 1978 which were given by Jewel as awards to outstanding sales people.  Most of these have a bankstamp which includes the date 1978.  Hall produced this pattern exclusively for the Jewel Tea company of Barrington, Illinois.  In the early years it was given to Jewel customers as premiums with the purchase of other products.   


Since Autumn Leaf developed as a premium line, new pieces were added regularly, and older pieces discontinued, giving customers incentive to buy more products to obtain premiums while they were still available.  Some items were only in the line for a short period and are difficult for today’s collectors to find. 

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