Bluebird China


This was the everyday china used by American families in the early 20th century. The bluebird has always been associated with happy events, tranquility, and good fortune. In many cultures these playful birds with their beautiful song were the symbols of the annual renewal we call Spring.

Most of this china was made in the area of Ohio near East Liverpool but there are samples made in Europe and Asia. The bluebirds are actually decals applied under the final clear glazes. There were over 50 manufacturers of this wonderful china, but they all used the same half dozen of so decals from companies like Meyercord Decal Company in Chicago. The placement and quantity of the decals was distinctive for each pottery and today helps in identification.

Since this was everyday china an never placed in a china cabinet it often shows wear and tear. Some pieces are crazed form sitting on a hot range or in an oven. Some are stained from age. The collector accepts these "marks of character" and will even covet a rare item that has chips or cracks.

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4 Berry Bowls $22.99 Each
6" Blue Bird Plates - $24.99 Each
4 Berry Bowls - $21.99 Each
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Large Platter - 1st Edition - $69.99
Large Bowl - 1st Edition - $49.99
100_0198.JPG (969848 bytes) 100_0200.JPG (1131408 bytes) Covered Casserole - $89.99
Large Oval Platter - $47.99
3 Bowls $38.99 Each 7-1/2" Early Part 19th Century - 1880 through 1920's - Marked Carrollton China
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4 Cups & Saucer Sets - $24.99 Each Set
Creamer $29.99 & Sugar $29.99 Each
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Luncheon Set - 6 cups & Saucers - $24.99 Each Set
6 Luncheon Plates - $16.99 Each
Creamer & Sugar - Sold