Some of the Items for Sale in our Civil War Showcase:

Click on pictures below for larger image.

Civil War Battle Shadowboxes & Paper Dolls More Battle Shadowboxes & Eagle
Bullets, Cannon Balls, Playing Cards, Powder Horns, Canteen, Minitaure cannons & limber, Pistol Holder, Book, Pistol on wood plaque & Misc. Civl War Knives, Bowie knife on wood plaque, Pewter Soldiers, 15" CW Ruler with Major battles on back, Key chains,  Eating utensil, Tin Cup, Coasters,
Civil Watch, Boxed CW Knife, Bowie Knife, Soldiers, Pewter key chains Civil War Money, Buttons, Insignas, Patches, Flask, Bugles, Gloves, Billfolds
Swords, Patches, Gloves, Stocks, Brass Scope Different view of Patches, Buttons, Stock, Gloves

Partial List of Items we offer for sale in our shop (Inventory varies daily).

Swords: We carry 5 styles - Youth Sword 27-1/2" (29-1/2" with Sheath) $43.99
Lt. Calvary Sword - 40" (43" with Sheath) $69.99;  Confederate Officer's Sword 39" (41-1/2" with Sheath) $99.95,  Civil   War Cavalry Trooper's Sword 40-1/2" (43" with Sheath) $78.99;  U.S. Civil War Foot Officer's Sword 40"  (41" with Sheath) $88.99.
3 Styles Knives in nice wooden boxes - $14.99
Watch and Knife in nice wooden box
Civil War Sword Hanger
Confederate Officer's Gloves
Civil War CSA Cap
Civil War 5 Step Brass Scope - Old
Kentucky Flintlock Pistol - Replica
Brass pistol stand
Civil War Cannons
Civil War Limber
Flags - Large and Small
Flag Holders
Confederacy & Union Currency Packets
Confederacy replica gold coins
Powder Flask
Set of CSA Buttons
Old Civil War Eagle Brass Buttons
CSA Patch
CSA Brass Belt Buckle
Old Cannon Balls
New miniature cannon ball stacked
Old Civil War Bullets
Old Parrot Shell Fragments with Battles & Dates painted on them
Civil War Rulers - 15" with major battles listed on back
Civil War Key chains - Cannons & Hats
Souvenir Spoon - Kentucky - Has Confederate Flag
Souvenir Spoon - Kentucky - Has Cannon
Framed Art Shadowboxes with old bullet, etc.
Brass Bugle
Antique white milk glass covered dish with cannon on lid
Civil War Soldiers - Set of Hand Painted Pewter 5 Soldiers, cannon, one of soldiers is carrying flag -(This is 
                                   Forward with the Colors)
Robert E. Lee & Jefferson Davis Hand Painted Pewter - (sold separately)
Set of 6 Civil War Pewter Soldiers - Boxed
Die Cast Soldiers, Hand Painted - 1 set with Ulysses S. Grant & 1 set with Robert E. Lee
Bags of plastic soldiers, cannons, - Battle of Gettysburg
T-Shirts in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large in navy with 1st Confederate Flag on front with Washington, Kentucky underneath.

Amazing Women of the Civil War
Amazing Civil War
A Tour Guide to the Civil War
A Treasury of the Civil War Tales
Friendly Fire In the Civil War
Civil War Curiosities
More Civil War Curiosities
Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War
Creative Minds In Desperate Times
Civil War Memories
Civil War Trivia & Fact Book
A Commitment to Valor
Civil War Journal - The Legacies  (From the History Channel)
Civil War Journal - The Battles      (From the History Channel)
Jackson & Lee (Legends in Gray)
Confederate Spirit
Witness to An Era
Civil War - The South
Civil War - The North
Civil War Cookbook

Paper Doll Books:
American Family of the Confederacy
Confederate Army Paper Soldiers
Union Army Paper Soldiers
American Family of the Civil War Era
Abraham Lincoln & His Family
Ulysses S. Grant & His Family
Robert E. Lee & His Family
Fashions of the Old South - (Edward & William in CSA Uniforms) - Clothes worn at the beginning of the Civil     War.