Custom Pottery

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Custom Pottery

Since the late 1800's, Midwest artists of the clay, potters by trade, have been crafting their art, from a natural material mined on the fringes of what was once an untamed prairie. The elements used are fire, water, earth and air.

This much sought after stoneware is fashioned and decorated by hand, then kiln fired and salt-glazed-a technique unique to and perfected by Western cultures. When rock salt is added to the kiln during the firing, predictably the results are often a slight variation in color and appearance.

This hand-crafted pottery is lead free, dishwasher safe, and may be safely used for cooking if sudden heating or cooling is avoided. Do not use over direct flame.

We carry the 1 quart crock in local and surrounding towns, cities, schools and colleges in Kentucky and Ohio, all local covered bridges, and also accept orders for specialty items-custom pieces individually decorated to a customer's desire. Some examples of orders received include: Family Name - The Browns- and the date the couple were married, built their home, or started a business.

One lady had pieces made for her four grown children with their names and various special dates in their lives. Another had a lamp for her grown son. One young lady had a piece made with the name of a town that no longer exists with her family name's store a relative once had there. We could go on and on, but you get the idea - it can be anything special and meaningful to you and yours.