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Pickle Castors

We currently have 7 antique pickle castors in our shop.  There were used in privileged homes to serve pickles in
formal dining rooms.  It was considered the height of elegant dining in the Victorian era to have one or two, if the
family was very wealthy, pickle castors on the dining room table when serving a meal.  They usually consist of a
silver plated frame fitted with a glass insert, and matching silver plated lid. Some had matching silver plated tongs
and/or pickle fork.  Inserts are to be found in pattern glass and colored art glass.


Green Hand Cut Lustres - 10-3/4" Tall - 5" Dia.  Each has 6 prims = 12 Total Prisms.  SC000X82  Were $499.95, now $399.95 pair.95

Blue Single & Red Single on Left - Others Sold

Lusters or Lustres


The pair of light amber bohemian lustres have exquisite all over very detailed hand cut designs and are very rare.
The emerald green closed bottom lustre is encrusted with a lot of gold decoration over the entire lustre and has
very long hanging prisms.
The Ruby lustre with closed bottom has very nice prisms.   
The Blue lustre has gold trim around the scalloped top as well as 6 other rings of gold.
Pictured on the right is a small pair of cobalt lustres with white Mary Gregory type painted decoration.  One has
a boy and the other a girl - these are, of course, Victorian children at play.

Lusters - Mantle and table decorations, or pedestal vases, lusters have hanging glass prisms.  Those with one row of prisms
are more common, while the double hung prisms are rarer and usually more costly.  Their name refers to the prisms.  A single
glass prism is a lustre or luster - with either spelling being correct.

These were always expensive and were usually found in only the more prominent homes.  This is still true today, with some of
the more affluent homes owning several pair.  There are many collectors today, of those who can afford this luxury, the hunt
that turns up these treasured art objects is part of the joy of these collections.  Often you will find a single luster.  When
estates  were settled it was not uncommon for one to be left to each of two daughters, other family members or friends and
thus the pair was separated.

There are many who are happy to own just one pair or a single luster.  

E-mail pictures, height, Dia. at top and base, loss of gold, enameling, any damage to glass or prisms (lustres) for cost of 
lustres appraisal.

Hold curser over picture for information.  
Click on any with blue line to enlarge picture.  
Pairs For Sale 

Ca. 1850-1880's Stunning Ruby Red Bohemian style lustres - 14" Tall X 6" Top Dia. Double Hung with top row 7" crystals and bottom row 6" crystals = 14 on eac = 28 total crystals. Hand painted enamel floral motif with blue decoration - wear to both. Cut Gothic rim beveled. RUP00X110 Were SLP000 now LLLLP pr.

Ruby Cut to Clear Lustres.jpg (19454 bytes)

Ca. 1850-1880's Pair Victorian Era Ruby Hand Painted floral motif Mntle Lustres 13-5/8" tall X 6" Top Dia. Some of the gold trim is worn on both. Six 5-1/2" prisms and six 5" crystals double hung  on each= 12 crystals = 24 total crystals. STP00X110 Were SLP000 now LLLLP pr.

Georgeous Pair 1880s - One of the two nicest pair Cut Overlay Cranberry Glass Lustres I have ever seen.  9-1/2" Tall x 6" dia. with Closed Bottoms.  Extremely nice pair Art Glass mantle lustres.  Core of Cranberry glass (made with 24k gold), overlaid with milk glass, Cut in ovoids back to cranberry, the top rim shaped as petals, the upper cut medallions hand enameled with hand painted floral decoration, gilding is exquisite.  Excellent condition.  Glass without cracks or chips, enamel unworn. Hung with 20 Cut Glass Prisms - 6" and 7-1/2" long in a staggered arrangement. RCC00X78. Had privilege of owning larger pair earlier - only ones I have ever seen like these.

Extremely Rare Pair Pink Portraits with enameling. ca 1800's - 12" tall.  TP0000X24  $1899.95  now $1395.00

Extremely Rare Pair Pink Portraits with enameling. ca 1800's - 12" tall.  TP0000X24  $1899.95  now $1395.00

12-1/2" Tall - White Frosted or Satin Glass - enameled - (Gold) - Lot of exquisite gilding.  The soft white of the body of each provides the perfect background for the array of color that the hand cut crystals giv off when hit by light.  IP000X34 $1,100 now $899.95 pair.

pink_dogbone_prisms_house.jpg (1133059 bytes)

cranberry_overlay_house.jpg (1164401 bytes)

Red & Amber Bohemian Hand Cut Design - 12-1/2" Tall, 6-1/2" Dia - 5" hand Cut prisms  UP0000X $2995.00 pair  now $1899.95 pair

Amber_red_boh_.jpg (1229232 bytes)

Ca. 1800's - 11-1/4" Tall.  Hand Painted on White.  Closed bottoms.  8 Hand Cut Prims on each = 16 Total Prisms  IP000X44  $699.95 pair

Pair beautiful 1800 Cranberry lustres with gold floral design.  Prisms 9" long  - $1950. pair

Huge green shaded Portrait Lustres.  Double Hung. $2500 pair.

craberry_on_left_house.jpg (697080 bytes) cranberry_on_right_house.jpg (1018433 bytes)

Single Lustres For Sale

Antique Bohemian Cranberry Cut to Clear with white overlay and lots of Moser style Gold Decoration Mantle Lustre.  Ten 8" long Cut Chandelier Crystal Prisms - Lustre 12" Tall X 5" Dia. piroox58

cranberry_lustre.jpg (22503 bytes)

Cobalt C1880. Bohemian overlay lustre.jpg (15089 bytes)

Jadeite_green_lustre.jpg (5572 bytes) Ca. 1800's Stunning pink satin lustre - 10-1/2" Tall, 8 Crystals 6" long. Cased at base of stem. STA00X609

Antique Cranberry Cut to Clear and Overlay Mantle Lustre Moser style  entwined with gold decorations.  10 8 long Cut Chandelier Crystals.  12 Tall x 5 dia.  PII00X58-C0000X.

Outstanding Antique cranberry cut to clear mantle lustre dating back to 1800s.  Bohemian or American Boston Sandwich Glass.  Quality Crystal interior with Cranberry glass exterior.  Great form, scalloped base and rim with lovely flared rim. 11-1/4 Tall X 6 dia. at rim.  Beautiful cut crystal prisms are 8 inches long. COU00x98

C. 1880 12 Tall, Scalloped Top opening 5 Dia, 5 Base dia.  Prisms 6 long.  No chips or cracks.  
Stunning Bohemian Overlay Lustre in Crystal interior with Cobalt exterior.  Accented by
10 hand cut prisms.  C0000X78

8-1/2 Tall, 4-1/4 Dia. 5-5/8 Hand Cut Crystals. Closed Bottoms with Pontil, Ca.1850-80s

Mouth blown, not molded Antique Green Translucent Very Rare Miniature Lustre with 8 original 5-1/2 long one side with raised diamond shaped Hanging crystals, white enamel ruffled edges with gold decoration.  Easily the finest single Miniature Lustre I have ever seen. UI00X98  -  


1800s Green lustre - 14-3/4" Tall X 6-3/4" Dia.  Gold Floral and other gold accents - white enameling. Closed bottom, Double hung with hand cut spear prisms.  TT00X78

Ca. 1850-1880's Large Double Hung Ruby Lustre 14-1/8" Tall X 6-5/8" Top Dia - 16 crystals. Hand painted enamel floral motif SAC00X129 Was LLP00 now for ILLLP.

ca. 1800s - 15" Tall x 6-1/2" dia at the top, base is 7" dia.  Beautiful pink overlay glass lustre with hand painted enameling, double hung with crystals.  There are 2 rows of prisms with 6 crystals on each row for a total of 12.  The top level prisms with the bead are 6" long - overall the actual prism is 5" long, the smaller prisms hang 5" long with the actual prism measuring 4".  CA000X58 Great ca. 1800's Antique Victorian Enameled Lustre. Very fine quality and detail - 10-1/2" Tall, 6" Dia., Pink with ruffled topand Closed Bottom with Nice Crystal drops with great rare large buttons.  $495.00  Now $299.95 Huge Jade Green Single 14-1/4" Tall - 7-1/4" di.  Fantastic Antique Victorian Beautiful shade of Jade Green.  Hand Painted with small flowers.  Gold worn as expected for age.  CUU00X94  $650.00  now $279.00

1800x English Cut Glass Mantle Lustre. 13-1/2" Tall X 6-1/2" Dia.  No chips or cracks.  Some of prisms have roughness, chips expected for their age. R000X78

Ca. 1800s - 10" Tall x 5" dia. at top, gold decorations, floral criss-cross bands.  New replacement crystals.  P000X68 $225 now for $149.95

Single White ca. 1800's with closed bottom - 12-1/4" tall - UC00X116  $275.00  now $149.99

Ca. 1800s Red Bohemian lustre - 13" Tall x 5-1/2" dia. top with 10 prisms 5" long - LU00X $385 now for $269.95

Lustres Shown Below are a Few of those we have sold

13" Tall - 6" Dia. at top, 6" Prisms.  $825 Pair 000_0006.JPG (647257 bytes)


Sold Sold Sold Sold
Beautiful 1800s Bohemian Pink 12-1/2" Lustres.  Great Hand Painted enameling and gilt highlights.  Closed Bottoms - 8 Hand Cut prisms on each.  UTC00X104 000_0010.jpg (834563 bytes) Emerald Green Antique with Lots of Gold.  14" Tall - 6-1/2" Dia.  10" Zipper Cut Prisms with 2 buttons.  Gold rings around base.  L000X74.  $1150 Pair

000_0011.jpg (725211 bytes)


Both Pairs Sold Sold Sold Outside Pair Sold
Extremely nice pair of Cut Overlay Glass, 13" Tall, 6" Dia.  Inner layer of cranberry glass overlaid with milk galss, cut back to cranberry, hand painted floral decoration and gilding is exquisite.  Hung with 8 cut glass cascading prisms each.  Excellent condition.  #3583-185 (357320736)-104.  $LLP. now only $P00 pair Pair made in the Bohemian Region of Czech Republic from the finest quality mouth blown crystal cased with Cranberry Glass.  Not Flashed Glass.  The Cranberry Glass was intricately cut revealing parts of the crystal lower layer.  Each of the cuts are hand painted with true Victorian style floral enameling and the lustres are delicately accented with 24K Gold guilt decor.  10-1/2" Tall, 5" Dia - the boast 12 Hand Cut Crystal Prism that measure approximately 4-3/4" from top to bottom.  Excellent Condition.  RRA00X44  $R00 down to $TUP00 pair 12-1/2" Tall, 6-1/2" Dia. Hand Cut Crystals.  Ca.1880-90s.  Beautiful Pair of Large Czech/Bohemian Lustres.  Dark rare green with overlay of white and Hand painted floral design.  Wonderful condition. #69-40462-9214.  $SCP0 now $ALP00. This is an absolutely fabulous pair of antique Bohemian Lustres in excellent condition.  This wonderful pair of lustres are genuine Moser decorated Bohemian Art Glass from the 1800s.  Each is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.  These are large measuring 14-1/4" tall and 7" wide.  Exquisite and authenticity is guaranteed!  Recently acquired from the estate of Hollywood legend Ann Miller.  Ann Miller, long legged dancer and star of Broadway Shows and more than 40 films, remains one of America's favorite female "Hoffers".  her legendary machine gun taps have earned her a historic place within the Golden Age of movie musicals.  Miller died Jan. 2004, she was 81.  sscpoox104.  These were $RP00, now $CP00. Magnificent Pair Bristol Glass Lustres.  Rouge turned down top, Gold Decorations.  9-1/2" Tall with wonderful hand cut Crystals.  ITPX104  $SC00 now $LLP.
Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
12" Tall - 7-1/2" Dia.  6" Crystals.  Ca 1880-90s - Closed Bottoms.  Amethyst with overlay of white with Hand Painted floral design.  Cut glass prisms.  #35-418-104.  $CP00, now $LLP for Pair Great Pair of Ca.1850-1890s, 10-1/4" Tall, 5-5/8" Dia.  The Glass is 3/16" thick at the top.  Closed Bottoms.  Each Lustre has a deer, a bird and a castle etched around the top that are separated by a cartouche.  The stem has been ground from round to six-sided.  Bottoms are etched with a great scroll design.  Each Lustre has 10 leaded glass replacement prisms.  #83100-305-104.  $SC00 now $U00 Pair. Dlb-h-cobalt-lustre.jpg (518461 bytes) Beautiful 1800s - 11-3/4" Tall Pink with Blue and White Enameling and Gilt Highlights.  Closed Bottoms.  8 Hand Cut Prisms on Each = 16 Total Prisms.  IIP00X44  $S000.00 now $ALP00. 000_0012.jpg (802881 bytes)
Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
Beautiful 1800s - 13" Tall, 6" Dia. at top.  Crystals 7" long.  Lovely, hard to find blue color is perfect, but gold is worn as would expect with something this age.  Closed Bottoms.  RTI00X54  $L00 - reduced to $A00 pair Ca. 1800s - Cream colored Glass with enameling and gold.  11" Tall.  7 Prisms on Each = 14 Total Prisms.  Closed Bottoms.  IUP00X44  $A00.00 pair Light Green Lustres at top, Stem and base are white with gold accents 8" Prisms, 9-1/2" Tall Lustres. Spectallar Pair Antique mantle lustres dating back to the 1800's.  Bohemian or Ameican Boston Sandwich Glass.  Quality Crystal interior with deep ruby glass exterior.  Great forms, scalloped base and rim with lovely flared rim 11" Tall - 5-3/4" Dia. at rim. 10 Prisms each = total 20 Prisms.  upooox+frt   Price $CLLP.00 down to $CCLP.00 10-1/2" Tall - Light Blue Lustres with turned down tops - 8" Prisms.  Gold on bottom worn on one $1200 Pair
Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
000_0008.jpg (633255 bytes) 13" Tall Pink Lustres.  Scalloped at Top.  Double Hung Prisms - measure 9" on outside row & 6" on inside row.  Green, gold and blue on lustres $1200 Pair 000_0013.jpg (669704 bytes) 100_0239.JPG (501104 bytes) 100_0001.jpg (604967 bytes)
Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
1880s Pair Cut Overlay Glass - Extremely nice pair of Art Glass mantle lustres.  Core of cranberry glass overlaid with milk glass, cut in ovoids back to cranberry, the top rim shaped as petals, the upper cut medallions hand enameled, hand painted floral decoration and gilding is exquisite.  Hung with cut glass prisms - unusual as 12 prisms each.  Excellent condition.  Glass without cracks or chips, enamel unworn, gilt very nice - best I have ever seen.  These have been hiding in an attic for generations.  Prisms 8" long.  Closed Bottoms.  SC00X  $CP00 pair Ca. 1880 - 10-3/4" Tall - Cut Overlay Art Glass MantleLustres.  Core of Emerald Green Glass Overlaid with Milk glass Cut inovoids back to green, top rim shaped as petals, upper cut medallions hand enameled with bouquets, trimmed with gilt outline and hung with 6" Hand Cit Glass Prisms.  Closed Bottoms.  PAC00X44  $1695.00 down to $SOLL 9" Tall, 4-1/4" Dai., 5-5/8" Hand Cut Crystals.  Closed Bottoms with Pontil, Ca. 1850-80s.  Mouth blown, not molded - Antique French Blue Very Rare Miniature Lustres with original Hanging Crystals, white enamel ruffled edges with gold decoration.  Easily thee finest pair of Miniature Lustres I have ever seen. 83-28750-104.  $SC00 now $LLP. This is an absolutely fabulout Antique Bohemian Glass Luster in excellent condition.  This wonderful Ruby color luster is genuine hand painted decorated Bohemian art glass from the 1800's. 14" Tall, 6-3/4" dia.  Double Hung with 2 rows of Lustres.  SSP00X37 +RPP00X37   $995.00 now $495.00 Red Bohemian with lot of heavy gold, 13" Tall, 6-3/4" dia., Closed Bottom, Ca. 1800's  - Prisms 7-1/8" long T0000X492  $1800.00  now $1299.95
Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold
ca.1800s - 14-1/2" Tall x 7-1/2" dia. Beautiful pink cased blass, hand painted enameling.  Closed Bottom, Hand Cut Spear Prisms. LP00X78 Ca. 1850-1880's Green Bohemian style lustres 14" Tall, 7" Top Dia. Double Hung with 2 Rows of 7" Crystals on each = 14 on each lustre for a total of 28 crystals. Hand painted enamel floral decoration, wear to decoration RUP00X110 Were SLP0.00 now LLLLP pr. Absolutely Stunning Antique Gold & Enamel Decorated Bohemain Ruby glass Mantle Lustres - 14-3/8" Tall & 8" Dia. across top - Prisms approx. 7" long.  IPIOOx116 $2950.00 now $2199.95
Sold Sold

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