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Paper Doll Books - Partial Listing of Books we carry in our shop.  Inventory varies from day to day.

Movie Stars

Clark Gable
Grace Kelly
Greta Garbo
Joan Crawford
John Wayne
Judy Garland
Marilyn Monroe
Nancy Reagan
Ronald Reagan
Shirley Temple - Authentic
Shirley Temple - Classics
Vivien Leigh

Presidents & their Families & Civil War

1. George Washington & His Family    1789 - 1797
3. Thomas Jefferson & His Family        1801 - 1809
4. James Madison & His Family          1809 - 1817      
16. Abraham Lincoln & His Family       1861 - 1865
18. Ulysses S. Grant & His Family      1869 - 1877
26. Theodore Roosevelt & His Family   1901 - 1909
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt & His Family 1933 - 1945
33. Harry S. Truman & His Family        1945 - 1953
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower & His Family 1953 - 1961
35. John F. Kennedy & His Family        1961 - 1963
    Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
36. Lyndon B. Johnson & His Family     1963 - 1969
37. Richard M. Nixon & His Family        1969 - 1974
38. Gerald Ford & His Family                1974 - 1977
39. Jimmy Carter & His Family              1977 - 1981
40. Ronald Reagan & His Family           1981 - 1989
     Nancy Reagan
41. George Bush & His Family              1989 - 1993
43. George W. Bush-not published yet   2001 -

Civil War

American Family of the Civil War Era
American Family of the Confederacy
Confederate Army Paper Soldiers
Robert E. Lee & His Family
Union army Paper Soldiers
Ulysses S. Grant & His Family


Princess Diana & Price Charles Wedding
Princess Diana of Wales
Royal Family of Britain


A Bride & Groom
A Victorian Bride & Her Trousseau
Bride & Groom Fashion Paper Dolls
Wedding Fashions


Colonial Fashions
Colonial Era - American Family of the Colonial Era
1840 - 1854 - Fashion Paper dolls from Godey's Lady's Book
1867 - 1898 - Victorian Fashions from Harper's Bazar
1890s - Paris Fashions of the
1890s - American Family of the
1920s - American Family of the
1920s - Erte' Fashion Paper Dolls of the Twenties
1920s - Great Fashion Designs of the Twenties
1930s - American Family of the
1930s - Glamorous Movie Stars of the
1930s - Great Fashion Designs of the
1940s - Great Fashion Designs of the
1940s - Glamorous Stars of the
1950s - Glamorous Movie Stars of the
1950s - Great Fashion Designs of the
1960s - Great Fashion Designs of the
American Pioneer Family
Pilgrim Period - American Family of the Pilgrim Period
Gibson Girl
Fashions of the Gilded Age
Godey's Lady's Book
Great Fashion Designs of Belle Epoque
Harper's Bazar
Late Victorian Costumes
Poiret Fashion Review
Regency Period - Fashions of the
South - Fashions of the Old
Victorian - Early Victorian Costumes (from History of Costume Series)
Victorian Costumes - Late Victorian Costumes ( from History of Costume Series)
Victorian - Children
Victorian Debutante
Victorian Era - Great Fashion Design of the
Worth Fashion Review

All The Other Paper Doll Books

Annie Oakley & Buffalo Bill
Antique Advertising Paper Dolls
Dolly Dingle
Famous American Women Famous
Famous African American Women
Great Black Entertainers
Little Women
Notable American Women
Nutcracker Ballet Toy Theater
Pride & Prejudice
Rudolph Valentino
Storybook - Favorite Storybook Characters
Ziegfeld Follies

Paper Dolls - a little of their History

At the turn of the century in the United States Paper Dolls went from a plaything of the rich to one which most children could
enjoy.  This was due to some magazines and newspapers publishing them in the early 1900's.  
McCall's Magazine's first was
in June 1904.  The Betsy McCall series by 6 different artists was the longest running of any series, running off and on for 45
years, from 1951 to November 1996.

Ladies' Home Journal was the second to publish paper dolls in October of 1908, then Good Housekeeping & The
both in February of 1909.  The Delineator in September of 1910, Woman's Home Companion in January of
1911, and
Ladies' World in September 1916.  The quality was excellent and these are much in demand today among

In addition to the Betsy McCall series some of the most enduring series were: Dolly Dingle by artist Grace G. Drayton, Lettie
Lane series by Sheila Young, and the Kewpie Kutouts by Rose O'Niel.  Not only were these entertaining, but educational as
well.  Dolly Dingle went on a trip around the world, and children could learn how other children lived and dressed. She went
through World War II, sang opera, and celebrated all the holidays.  There is the golden age of paper dolls of the 1940's,
1950's and 1960's.  Collectors today treasure each new set they can add to their collection.  Paper doll collections are easy
to store and enjoy.  These wonderful works of art are treasured not by children but by adults, who appreciate their beauty,
history and artistry.

Today we sell many of the paper doll books to teachers for classroom study.  These include all the Civil War series and the
whole collection of the American Presidents.