Paperweights - 

Paperweights were rediscovered in the mid l900s after their popularity faded toward the end of the l9th century.  Almost everyone has one or two on their desk, but many are avid collectors numbering 100s in their collections.  This makes a great collections for the young and older young as there are many interesting colors, shapes and sizes in the $6.00 to $20.00 range.  We have birds, elephants, turtles, etc. for $5.99 and arched dolphins @ $8.99, candleholder paperweights for $9.99, 4" tall by 5" diameter teapots for $11.99 and a cranberry jack-in-the-pulpit vase paperweight is $33.99.  Stock varies from day to day.

History - 

Paperweights originated in ancient Egypt and reached their height in the mid 19th century.  The classic period being from 1845-55 in France.  

In the early 1850s two glass companies in Massachusetts became the first American factories to make paperweights.  They were the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company in Sandwich, Mass. and the New England Glass Co. in Cambridge, Mass.