Red Hatters Welcome

Elegance & Fun!

For women over 50 years old, who get together for fun.  And for them we offer one-of-a-kind beautiful  Hats.  We also have purses made by the same mother and daughter team here in Kentucky.  See our pink hats for those under 50 (who must wear pink hats and lavender clothing.  Only those over 50 do the red hats and purple outfits).

Wait until you see the beautiful one-of-a-kind chokers and pendants made by this same Kentucky mother and daughter.  We also have  silk scarves, jewelry, (earrings in both posts and clips).  Beaded  coin purses,  key chains,  2 styles of black billfolds with beaded hats in red beads, satin rose pins, hat stands,  porcelain ornaments in red velvet pouch, (also great to hang in car, etc.),  throws,  red and purple hatpins - many come gift boxed, Lefton china  eyeglass holder dish, (also great for pin tray for jewelry or on desk to hold pens),  Cookbook, Journals and Notepads. We have ornaments to use anywhere, (Christmas trees included), 2 styles of snow ladies, hats and more.

We invite all the almost 40,000 plus chapters, and over 375,00 members (last time I checked and I am sure more have been added since), to come visit Washington, Kentucky - Shop our 26 Shops, Tour our 9 Museums, and have our costumed guides take you on one of our various tours.  Check our website:    E-Mail:


Chokers, Pendent & Brooch are made by Mother & Daugher Team also.
Close up of purple cameo Pendent & Red Cameo brooch Different view Jewelry

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